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Shuichi x KAT-TUN

KAT-TUN on shuichi is always a treat lol
It's like one big happy family who tease each other haha

2021.03.21 Shuichi KAT-TUN part

Question: from their 28 singles, which is their favourite?

- Kame chose Bokura no Machi de: though they hadn't yet debuted as group, it was memorable for him.
- Ueda chose Don't U Ever Stop because it's coolness represents KAT-TUN
- Nakamaru chose Real Face simply because it's the debut song. And I'm not sure but I think Nakamaru was saying at first everyone did the lil 'chi - tongue click' but somewhere along the way it became Kame's thing (I think) someone can correct me lol

Also, KT have really come to terms with their past. They no longer cut ex-members from videos nor afraid to say their names. That's great! I'm happy for their healing ;)))  Junno even wished them a Happy 15th Anniversary XD
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