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KAT-TUN roaring it on SCP¬

Wow, still can't believe we used to host this programme! 2021.03.19 Shounen Club Premium !

KT part ↓↓↓



The questions were basically what KT thought of the kisumi members... I laughed a the 'what image do you have of Kisumi' because 'Roller skates' immediately came to mind based on their debut song lol and unexpectedly... or expectedly, Ueda said the same thing lol everyone laughed at the simplicity but Ueda explained he answered based on how 'giri giri' is always associated with KAT-TUN lol

The final question was more interesting:

What's KAT-TUN to you?

- Ueda: Jinsei- a way of life... he said, he only knows how to be be KAT-TUN. He can't do anything else.
- Nakamaru: Kyoudai: not family in the traditional sense but they behave like brothers
- Kame: Shounen- Youth... they basically grew up together and over the years, nothing much has changed between them.
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