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buzz rhythm always treats us well with kat-tun treats <3

2021.03.13 Buzz Rhythm was fun to watch ! It was nice learning news things about Nakamaru, Kame and Ueda... seeing what they've been up to these past months... we learnt things and they also seemed to learn a few new things about each other too lol

here's the full programme; mega download

Some tidbits:

- It seems like this was filmed the day after Kame's birthday.

- Ueda and Koichi are tako brothers since they both like octopus and squid lol. Ueda said back in the days, Koichi thought KAT-TUN were little bastards lol but he and Koichi and are now friends... during work time, he's like a senpai but in priviate he plays games a lot and is more like a friend ;)

- Nakamaru talked about the professional lady mangaka who helped him with the 4-panel manga he did during covid19 lockdown last year. He also bought that blue machine... I didn't get exactly what it is but he recommended it and the host is trying to get him to give it to Kame for his birthday lol

- Talking of birthdays, Kame showed a drawing Nakamaru drew for him in 2016 for his birthday. Kame labelled the drawing 'Treasure' and I find that so cute! The same way, Nakamaru keeps that 'special curtain' used at the start of a butai.

- Kame also talked about the time they went to filmed Tame Tabi in Thailand, he took a trip to Cambodia... the plan was for a day trip so they drove over... however, on their way back, they were stopped by police who looked very intimidating... apparently, the law is that they must spend a full day in Cambodia.. however, seems like this only applied to when driving over since he was able to fly back in time for Going lol It was scary but he called it a good experience <3

I also uploaded this previous post with HQ download for the Buzz Rhythm perfs (ROAR, ONE DROP, KISS KISS KISS & GOING)  as well as MUSIC STATION !
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