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Happy ROAR day !!!!!

It's really nice having this feeling again... the feeling of waiting for KAT-TUN's music. I still can't get over all the goodies. All the songs are great and the solo MVs are great! I think this time around, Nakamaru's Change Your Mind is more catchy to me. I found myself humming it this morning lol Kame's Pure Ice is sexy and tempting while Ueda's Yankee Kata Omoi Chuu is old school and playful!

As for the main song, ROAR! I love it. I realised that I bought it 6 times... with all the CD versions plus on itunes lol 

Speaking of iTunes, since it's only available in Japan I was planning to gift a few to overseas HYPHENS but it seems like it's only redeemable in Japan ugh

Anyhow: here's a dl link: roar & flashback

Also, this account already posted the solo MVs so keep an eye out for other things especially the FC only interview.

I'm really looking forward to what else KAT-TUN has in store to celebrate the 15th Anniversary with us ♥
Tags: clips, download: music, fangirl-ing, kat-tun

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