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KAT-TUN in ChinaTown Yokahoma !

no title2021.02.11 Tame Tabino title

You only see Ueda this active when food is involved  Face with tears of joy I guess they chose ChinaTown to ring in the Chinese New Year !

I'm surprised they all had good luck this time and I smiled when in the later half of the video, Ueda couldn't guess right and Nakamaru told him to calm down and think it through since it was the last time for him to eat lol they're such besties <3

But can I point out how fugly those tame tabi masks look? so fugly really ugly I laughed non-stop for the first few minutes then just got annoyed lol really, they should've just used Nakamaru's Tanoshii Jikan's ugh

Anyhow! the other night I dreamt that KAT-TUN performed a new song on tv... I woke up staring at the ceiling haha

I'm excited for what's to come from them XD
Tags: clips, kat-tun, kat-tun forever lol, tame tabi

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