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KAT-TUN in a horror house

no title2021.02.04 Tame Tabino title

This episode was also funny as hell lol

And I also find it hilarious that people find KAT-TUN scary when they're scared of christmas decoration lol

It's always a treat when Kame teases Ueda since usually, it's Ueda and Nakamaru bantering so it's like watching a movie with popcorn when Kame and Nakamaru team up to tease the very tease-able Ueda lol

And about the food... I do wonder exactly what Kame was served... was it so grotesque that they couldn't even show it on TV? lmao!

And this part!

I just how love how Ueda continued eating while Nakamaru clings to Kame haha Nakamaru knew no help would come from Ueda haha

KAT-TUN is my comfort place Red heartRed heartRed heart
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