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Are You Roaring?

After so long it's finally happening!!!

KAT-TUN finally releasing new music ♩ROAR

♩ROAR was played on the 2021.01. 30 episode of Kame's Hang Out !

Yes, considering this year is their 15th anniversary they should've released more but I guess they're focusing on quality. I'm really looking forward to the solo songs! Honestly, I can't picture exactly what each will do but it would be nice if Ueda goes back to his pre2016 style. I miss that! I expect something dancy for Nakamaru and Kame might come with angst again... though it's high time he treats us to Plastic Tears sorta beat but whatever he... or they, for that matter decide, I'll be happy ;)))

Have you ordered your copies... yes, copies of ROAR yet?

I already did. I also managed to grab the FC special... really, the way KAT-TUN can sleep for months... years, then show up one day and take all my money lol

Anyhow, Love is unconditional <3
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