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Lunatic is a good place to eat

New Year's message apart, seeing KAT-TUN in a group activity is like your crush finally noticing you Face with tears of joy

no title2021.01.29 Tame Tabino title

It's either I'd really missed them or this episode was funny as hell lol ~ from Ueda starting the episode with hairpins still holding his hair in place to them including TnK, acting out a typical yankee beating up an innocent passerby along a riverside Face with tears of joy

They did the minor spot tour and ended up at a French restaurant that looks rundown like you'd get sick from eating there... even Nakamaru was taken aback when he was sent to scout before the others rolled down the hell... not surprising however, Kame found the rundown cool and artistic and that's when we learnt the name of the resturant, LUNATIC Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

no titleKame singing REAL FACE

no titleNakamaru, beat boxing

no titleUeda doing classical ballet...

no titleAnd the amout of wine they drank!!! no title

Kame, downed about 3 glasses... I was surprised he was drinking white wine at the start, but then he quickly changed to red... he was looking forward to it and was the first question he asked about the restaurant, 'do you have wine?' haha

Ueda made a fuss about having to go get the spoons and forks himself, calling it bothersome but was told it's the price he has to pay for cheap but delicious French food lol

and then this bit!!!

GUYS! the energy in this episode was real! I look forward to next week's ep :)))

Happy New Yearfireworks.gif I hope it's been going well for your so far <3
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