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2020.12.25 Music Station SuperLive2020

🎸Bokura no Machi de

First and foremost, KAT-TUN look good ! no titleno title
Second, their voices blend so well :)
Third, I miss them.
Fourth, Merry Christmas EVERYbody ! no title


And the Talk

I'll copy and paste what I posted on twitter ! no titleno title

"It's like when you haven't seen a good friend in a long time so when you meet up y'all can't stop talking.. that's KAT-TUN in their Christmas vid & now MSSL... except at concerts it's rare that they find themselves talking so long that even they notice lol Please meet more in 2021!"

And then the lol bits
Face with tears of joy

Nakamaru eating so much mikan Ueda teased about his fingers turning orange and Kame wondering why his white clothes wasn't also orange.
Nakamaru: I haven't eaten any (mikan) today

Ueda also on a mochi eating spree Face with tears of joyHe also seems to like zoni (which also has mochi) haha

Kame said he usually invites people over and do shabu shabu but with the pandemic this year he'll have to eat it alone... Ueda and Nakamaru clearly want to go eat at Kame's so I hope Kame invites them over someday... as soon this New Year, maybe... they should ring in 2021 together !
no title
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