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Room Service - Nakamaru likes the bed and Kame looking daddy *yum yum*

Tame Tabi 2020.11.19

I'm starting to think these room service episodes have become filler episodes... for example, when a member is too busy to go too far from Tokyo... this time around, Kame with his new stageplay.

These eps are no longer favourites but I do appreciate them.. at least I get to see the 3 butterflies together XD

This time around, TnK was being coy... changing the rule as in, they couldn't 'bet' collectively as a team... as expected, when it comes to pricing hotels, Kame is good at this... he has lots of experience.  I lol-ed at Ueda's low price haha he really doesn't spend money on luxury lol

Anyhow, let me know if you can't play the video and I'll try to fix it .. I feel like the last video has some problem... it plays on my phone but not on my laptop hmm

Anyway ! Happy Weekend :)
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