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KAT-TUN giving back :))

20200924 Tame Tabi

KAT-TUN are really awesome !

I love how they're giving back to these people and helping to promote them in these times of covid19.

As expected, my favourite is Jaguar... always Jaguar lol He's funny and the way KAT-TUN react to him, especially Nakamaru and Ueda always has me rolling lol Nakamaru is always the polite kid but for some reason, when it comes to Jaguar, he just loses it ahaha

Anyhow, I love these eps! I hope they'll keep coming :))

Also, I know the video quality isn't the best so I might search for better vids on weibo... though for some reason I got locked out of my weibo acct and it seems difficult to get back in... I might make a new acct but that also has its irks... but we'll see.

Anyhow, KAT-TUN are really really cute !
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