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KAT-TUN invades yet another home

20200918 Tame Tabi !

I really love how KAT-TUN is trying to 'give back' in these hard covid19 times to those who've helped them on this series. I love how they're always at home with Orakio lol and Pin is always welcome lol... though forced, he did his part to make them laugh lol I was cringing the entire time ugh !

And Kame in the kitchen is always sexy a hundred fold lol

Like seriously, I'm the type who would fall in love and marry with any man simply based on how well he can cook lol

Anyhow, sooner or later, no one will want Ueda in their home lol
Tags: clips, kat-tun, kat-tun forever lol, member: kamenashi kazuya, member: ueda tatsuya, members: nakamaru yuichi, tame tabi

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