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20200831 有田preview room

20200831 有田preview room

Many things are happening of recent.... I say many things as in, many solo activities. Kame is promoting his movie, Ueda and Endless Shock and, Nakamaru will soon start his Tanoshii Jikan promo... It's a lot to keep up with for people who have just a little time... people like me who can't always watch real time and I'm not on twitter 24/7 so I end up missing many things until I go digging on weibo.

Anyhow, I think I will try to post videos here for my own info. I hate feeling left out of fandom ><'

Anyhow anyhow!!!! This survival bit of Kame was really funny lol

I love how they teased him that he wouldn't survive a real survival event... especially after the way he called for 'sensei' lol

I want to watch Kame's drama but I'm really bad with horror so I may pass 😅
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