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Mr TurtlePear Had a Video Test Run

So this popped up today along with a picture showing Kame's Nobuta wo Produce uniform... so I'm guessing it's from his jweb... I say 'guess' because I'm not subscribed... I remember trying to a few years ago but didn't have a credit card... still don't and so I just gave up... but being that it's been a few years now and J&A seems to be getting more accessible, I guess there must be another way to pay which I'll see about BUT... ANYHOW THAT'S NOT THE POINT OF THIS LJ ENTRY!!!!!

I wanted to say SHIT!!!! KAME filmed himself and uploaded a video! I wonder how long it took him?! Who helped him? How many takes did he... take? Will this become a thing or just a one time thingy in response to a challenge passed on from a Kiriyama???

Well either way, seeing this, I now know for sure Kame, Ueda, and Nakamaru together or separately can show themselves more... just saying.
Anyhow, Kame looks so cute! Was he home? He's dressed but it doesn't seem like he's wearing makeup... he does look a bit figety... get me?! hmmm
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