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in this covid-19 economy

So the release is upon us AGAIN!

IGNITE. OUT. TOMORROW... that is, APRIL 8th 2020 !!!!!

And yes! There are greater things to worry about considering this annoying COVID-19 situation, BUT I really hope KAT-TUN will still pull off a NO.1 on Oricon ranking.

*sigh* I had a feeling this week would've been shitty but knowing doesn't make it any easier... KT ranking aside I'm a whole lot annoyed and just tired. I'm ready for summer... heck, I'm ready for autumn! I just keep thinking that if anything should happen at home, that I'm stuck here... I have no need to go back but just the very thought of 'WHAT IF?'... I've been living on my own since I was 18yrs old and this is the first time I worry about not being home and what if I need to be home. So yeah, catching covid19 isn't really my big problem (though it should be)... it's being locked out of my own country and away from half my family who are also scattered across the globe... though I'm the only one living alone.

Anyhow, Japan is finally behaving like they're sensible... though I have a feeling things will only get worse from here but we'll see *inhales deeply*

I think I'll buy some more plants tomorrow.
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