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Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap your hands

I, actually have nothing to talk about but I just wanted to write on here *grin*

Actually, I watched Kame in Arashi ni Shigare with Yamapi and thought lots of things... nothing new except he was well on his way to becoming a pro baseball player and sometimes I do find myself wondering if he has regrets... yes, he's on top of things but has he ever felt like he's given up a lot to be johnnys?

Yup! Useless things like this I think about when I should be sleeping...

But yeah, the same can be said of Nakamaru and Ueda. They also had dreams of the their own... dreams that didn't entail KAT-TUN and yet, them three... they're the ones left standing.. I keep thinking how strange the world it... KAT-TUN considered and even my life...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the IGNITE Dvd!

I was able to see two concert days and I can tell you, it was fucking EPIC!!!!!

They shot the Fukuoka tour that I attended and that was INSANE!!!! yes, the typhoon messed up the second day but the first day was GREAT!!!!

Are you looking forward to the IGNITE dvd? What version did you get?
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