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eating ramen at a sketchy place ^^

Oh I love these relaxing episodes of Tame Tabi (20200402) of them just going around and interacting with the local folks XD

At the first stop, the battered looking ramen shop/factory, I was waiting for Nakamaru to freak out the way he did at the dingy cafe a few eps back...  he didn't freak out but his trauma still lives on lol

But while Ueda and Nakamaru looked apprehensive, Kame was excited to try it out. Although Kame likes fancy places, I also get the feeling that once in a while he also loves these sort of 'out of the way' aged eateries... different taste and different atmosphere XD I also feel those old looking... well-used shops serve the best cooking meals <3

And this bit shouldn't feel new since they've been together forever but seeing Ueda and Nakamaru cheering Kame on... oh man, it's good seeing their team spirit since it's almost nil lol < 3

And this bonus of Kame greeting the manager by pointing out the man's right nipple is TRUE Kame style! He actually pointed it out TWICE! lol

And Ueda x Nakamaru pranking Orakio lol

They remind of boys making mischief on their way home from primary school lol... even more so since they were classmates!

Next week's ep seems interesting. They're in the yellow suit so at least they won't be anywhere crowded!
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