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Wash your hands

Oh goodness!!!!! KAT-TUN performed on this Johnny's programme and ALL AT ONCE I really wanted to be with them in a dome or in an arena and just allow myself to soak up all the energy and the fun and just float aroun in HYPHEN wonderland.

It was good. This little snippet of KAT-TUN is great! They performed some of their best songs... well, at least to me. I squealed when GOLD started and I melted during DANGER and I held my stomach cracking up during WE ARE KAT-TUN lol
No matter how many times I rewatch I just can't get over the energy... everything so distinctly KAT-TUN.

I'm really happy I fell in love and stayed with this group  Red heart

And now girls and boys, remember to:

Wash your hands
Face with tears of joy
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