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Another Year with KUN ;)

Happy Anniversary to KAT-TUN! It's really a feat that this group is still alive and kicking. I'm truly apart of something legendary XD

Too bad they couldn't do anything much for this anniversary with the COVID19 running amok but at least we'll soon get the IGNITE dvd!!!!!!

But you know another weird thing? Sometimes I feel stuck at their 10th anniversary. I suppose it's because that year was supposed to be a grand year for them but turned out to be a turmoil instead for them and HYPHENS... and so maybe that's why I'm still stuck there... and I really don't feel like it's their 14th anniversary... it's like, 'where did those 4yrs go? what happened to them?' Hmmm something strange like that...

Anyhow, in other news, twitter is a strange place.

I get the feeling that people think I'm suddenly a Ueda stan and I'm like, 'HELLO! JunDa is my OTP! The whole world knows that!'  It's just that I used to fangirl Ueda in a different way, his musical talent aside, my drool over Ueda was with JunDa and in fics... but when Junno left, I pretty much stopped writing... and this is why these days I'm more vocal about Ueda.

Why am I explaining this?

The other day I tweeted saying only folks who are nostalgic and in love with Kame's sweaty neck are going to the KamePi concert and suddenly, people got defensive quoting me and behaving like I insulted them and wondering why I hate Kame and basically suggesting that if it were Nakamaru or Ueda, I wouldn't have minded the concert...

First, I've never made it a secret that I'm not a fan of the concert... I'm not against Kame nor Pi CLEARLY!!! but I just can't imagine going to a KamePi concert... because I mean, what will they sing? I just can't picture it and I'm not about to spend money to go to something I most probably won't enjoy. I only like KAT-TUN style music!!!! Kame and Pi can do anything else I would probably be OK with.

And second,  when I mentioned people filled with nostalgia, I meant folks who had been around during the rise of KamePi and Nobuta wo Produce. I joined fandom in 2010 so literally everything before that, I don't know I can't relate I feel nothing for... yes, there are moments I find cute but I wouldn't call myself attached to anything pre2010... and of course, who wouldn't want to see Kame's sweaty neck? I've written posts and posts lusting over it here on LJ...

But of course, twitter is a place where people suddenly have opinions once someone says something. Twitter is also a place where folks don't read very well. Sometimes I blame it on the language barrier where even though the international fandom mostly speaks in English, some things get lost in translation...

Anyway, folks quote me probably thinking I'm going to reply to them and then a whole fandom war will break out to give them some excitement but hey, this is me... I don't even like replying to text messages from people I actually like much less to waste my effort on people I don't know nor care about... I just found it interesting that I was attacked a second time about the same matter... and some of those tweets were actually liked by people I follow and who follow me. It's not the first time I'm noticing this but, you really can't trust the internet.

Anyway, the world's crazy lol
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