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Ignite my soul! Fukui fanrepo

Okay, I've been without a laptop for a while now so I'm behind on many things. I'm actually typing this on my phone so formatting will be nonexistent.

I really wanted the write a proper report but technology has failed thrice already since trying so here goes a rehash of what I posted on twitter... because I don't want to lose it and we all know LJ is the best place for archiving.

IGNITE Fukui Sept 6, 2019 @5pm

We are KAT-TUN oooh let's go~

Kame also came close but would always make a turn and head towards the main stage. Ueda on the other hand, he just never looks in both directions... there was this dude cosplaying Ueda's hairstyle and so he was dying for Ueda to see him but Ueda never looked our way *cries*

And then this!

Ueda's yankee pose was also from We Are KAT-TUN.  I would insert some papaPics and references but that would take a while, things considered.


And I really had to lol at this! From the way he called her on stage to the rap battle to her leaving lol he's really savage lol

And if we talk about solos, Nakamaru was the usual lots of dance and led lights. It was good but a bit similar to his last solo perf. As for Kame:


And once again, I love looking at the demographics at concerts... the number of women, the number of men and a the older crowd. I can say for sure that this cocert had a mature crowd... goes back to Kame mentioning in the MC how everyone has grown up getting married and having kids... but also, the number of young men who came by themselves or with other male friends.. I saw a group of 3 perhaps university... real ikemen... I wondered who they came to see. Ueda has been getting lots of male fans!

Annnnd! of all the performances. Two are stuck in my mind. Halo Halo because it's very visual and the perf is totally different from what you'd expect but oh so satisfying!

And the second perf:

I really can't get enough of the scenery of Reflect Night! Beautiful in every sense from Ueda's bare back and dripping sweat to Kame's and Nakamaru's harmony.

*sighs happily in memory* Maybe later I'll insert some papapics of this.

And then!


Nakamaru was surprised not at the cake itself since it happened last year as well, but what really got him was the moment Ueda started playing happy birthday lol Kame then joked about what if they'd held off singing happy birthday till it was encore call then instead of "encore encore" it would've been "happy birthday..." lol

And then, while Ueda went to change and prep for his solo, Kame forced Nakamaru to give a birthday speech lol he started off talking about gardening and it went longer and longer until everyone got the conection~ the whole kat-tun as a garden reference.

And then the ending... the opening and closing of KT's concerts are always very powerful!  I love the concept they used.... comparing themselves to a garden... that they'll clearly have to water and take care of and then:

Left me feeling all emotional~ One day I know they'll go, but for now, they're here and here to stay for a while and I'm so grateful for this time.

It ended and got streamers!!!! I was so happy. It's the not the streamers themselves that I love... it's the feeling of catching them right after the 'We Are KAT-TUN' declaration and pop! Confetti everywhere and everyone is happy. That's what I love love love! 


Lol They had a line. I supposed people wanted to take pics in front of it but I just wanted a snap so I went to the front and snap snap~  day complete!

So you know what?

In my opinion based on the IGNITE album to the concert concept and presentation to the things they said XD

I really love KAT-TUN and can't wait to see them again <3
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