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ueda and sho-aniki

For some reason I love seeing Chopper hop up on Zoro and Zoro is all cool with which is weird because Zoro always looks unapproachable and yet here has this cute lil reindeer hopping on him and hanging off his shoulder lol

All this to say that for a while now, I've been pretty much enjoying Sho x Ueda lol Sho is by no means, Chopper but still, I just find it so funny that Ueda is all beast to everyone but when it's Sho, he's like a cute puppy lol.

And this!!!

Now the whole world knows Sho is Ueda's Aniki lol

And I'll never get tired of this lol

Ueda giving another man flowers lol sooooo cute!!!!!

Just look at this smile!

And I just love how the feeling is mutual lol

I really can't wait to see them again on this week's programme XD
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