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Now onto this topic.

Before this case with Junno arrested for weed, I had no idea he was so hated by people. I could understand if non-HYPHENS make nasty remarks but the way some so called Hyphens behaved... making fun of his situation... the way they were and still are quick to bad mouth him and make light of his misfortune like he'd done them a hell a wrong.

Between Junno, Jin and Koki, it seems to me Kame, Ueda and Nakamaru were rightly angry at Junno but of the 3, they sent Junno off without hard feelings... From time to time Nakamaru has wished for his success, and you can tell he's still sad about Junno leaving.

My point is, he left but his leaving was not worst than Jin's and Koki's yet peopole still strongly support Koki and turn into mush overreacting to EVERYTHING Jin does. It's beyond me.

Those who know me well will know that I have a soft spot for Junno. I don't support him by buying CDs or going concerts because all that is reserved for KAT-TUN... but I still want to see him... I want to see all members of KT, past and present succeed.

And I don't need anyone's opinion challenging what I've written here. I'm just stating how I feel... appalled, disgusted and frankly annoyed.

Anyway, I really hope things will work out for him in the long run.
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