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KT live perfs are oooh so delicious!

Sometimes when KUN perform I wonder if I'm listening to them singing or I'm just exceedingly happy to see them lol I think this is also why I can hardly remember songs from concerts because I'm mostly focused on what they're doing thinking, 'oh they're really having fun' or 'wow, they're sweating a lot' or 'damn, how the hell did they manage to do that?' or ' damn, they're so cute'  or 'damn, they really are silly, aren't they?' lol

Anyway, it's been great seeing them doing live performances recently.

I feel like lately, they really seem like they're having fun and not just trying to tell the world that they're back and haven't changed so don't judge us... us 3 are serious. They're just simply being themselves, happy and intense... if those two go together lol

Music Festival June 26, 2019

And I've been joking that REAL Face 2 is Ueda's solo with Kame and Ueda as backup lol

I was really sad that they didn't make it to Hong Kong because I'm pretty sure they had something great... or at least something different planned and I just really wanted them to get the exposure. But oh well, I'll take what I get.

The Music Day, July 6, 2019


And bonus #1

bonus #2 lol

bonus #3 I'm really into Ueda and his aniki, Sho lol so cuuuute!

Ongaku no Hi, July 13, 2019

It was quite a welcoming surprise when they sang DANGER lol I could hear my own sigh when they started with Real Face lol
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