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KT, Jaguar and a press conference

Well, this 2019.04.05 Tame Tabi ep was more like a recap and them trying to take themselves seriously but failing lol
There were some funny moments but I didn't make many gifs...
But I liked these bits ^^

KT being happy about being a regular on TBS again~

The cutest I love you-s and Thank you lol

and this one!

LOL I really hope Jaguar guests more often 😂

And then this bit!

I can't tell if Kame loves Tengu or love the chance to bully him lol

And Nakamaru is no different~ 😅

lol Nakamaru really take pleasure in bullying Tengu 😅

I really laughed at how they didn't even give Ueda a chance to hit him lol Otherwise, he would probably be dead by now lol

The next ep will be a continuation of this... which I'm looking forward to because there will be more Jaguar <3
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