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boxing and tame tabi on tbs!

Oh I'm so late this time around because I knew I had time before the next episode came out... but time eluded me so like a true HYPHEN, I'm giri giri with this 2019.03.22 Tame Tabi ep XD

How Kame and Nakamaru got nervous about this Ueda x Pin massacre was soooo cute!

And this right here;

Pin trying to piss Ueda off lol

Let's add the video for effect lol

Even Kame and Nakamaru can't hold back their laughter lol

And since we're on the matter of laughing, then can we take a moment to appreciate how cuuuuute Ueda is?!!!!!!!

Then minutes after this burst of sunshine, came this:

haha Ueda really can do both XD

And this right here!
Nakamaru was really behaving like a mum cheering for his kid on sports day at kindergarten lol

But it's oooh sooo cuuuuuute!

Oh! awwww, the happiness and energy I mentioned before.

I really do wish there was a way for him to do professional boxing as well has music. Everyone keeps saying he's at a professional level~ maybe time will work something out...

AND, OF COURSE!!!!! The biggest announcement that we've been waiting for.

I mean, the time is not ideal but at least they made it back to tv so more people can watch and that's what is important.

So tell me, how excited are you to have Tame Tabi back on your tv?
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