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K U N in a hotel room calling room service

So we got a one week break from Tame Tabi and I'm wheezing... maybe like how fish need water I need KAT-TUN at least once a week so I'm very much looking forward to the next episode... so let me jot down what I liked about the 2019.03.08 ep:

Like, in the gif up top, Ueda fixing his wedgie and Kame hugging the cushion... nothing special but still lol

I made this gif because I was looking at Nakamaru. He was 'almost' ok with the height lol just look at him being wary of how close he came to the railing lol

And this, Ueda and beds is a thing!

This is a combo gif of the March 1st and the March 8th eps.. two different hotel rooms but his approach is exactly the same... the way he just plops down on the bed lol

And their faces here was everything lol

I really laughed because the one time they decided to team up, no one won... but isn't that sweet that they did the whole, 'all for one, one for all' strategy because after what happened the last time, they wanted to make sure that everyone could eat if they won... I really really love these three! <3

And this!

lol and I actually enjoyed that!


I swear, Kame turns on the erotic in men ! lol

And let's end with this smile!

This week's ep should be a lot of fun and I can't wait :)
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