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Room Service lol

Instead of looking slick in this 2019.03.01 Tame Tabi ep, it's like they've been transported back into time lol ... though I feel Ueda might have pulled it off because he's so rough around the edges 😅

But all that fell apart here... all three of them walking like old men in their 70s near 80s going to hang out and talk about the good ole days when they were three of the most handsome idols lol

I really wonder what caused this sudden drain of energy in them lol

And then,

Nakamaru moving like Ueda and Kame on the same bed is not the safest place to be lol

I also loved how Ueda immediately ploppled himself down the bed 😅

I realised that he likes to take over homes like it's own... the way he was opening doors in Tengu's apartment, the way he had his feet on the sofa at that furniture place and now he's just testing out bed and hopping in it lol I guess he's all about comfort... it also gives the feeling that Ueda is highly pampered by his friends!

and this bit!

If you don't know better you would think Ueda was actually sharing his food with Kame lol

But really, can you imagine Ueda actually his food with anyone? Using spoon as a set up, he and tnk really are trolls haha
Poor Kame and Nakamaru XD

And this bit right there...

I still stand by my statement, it looks like he's taking a sh*t lol don't blame me!

Oh but this bit right here!

Oh man,

They really are the best three ever! I'm so happy knowing they can at least see each other once or twice or month... Thanks, Tame Tabi ^^

These eps are fun but I hope we get back to other eps like when they're out there interacting with the public. Those are fun XD
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