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K U N furniture window shopping

This makes me smile non-stop XD

They truly are meant to be like perfect peas in a pod.

I didn't make many gifs for this 2019.02.22 Tame Tabi ep. It was just fun watching them furniture shop and just seeing their style. Kame certainly has a style... which we all know by now. We haven't seen much of Nakamaru's home decor but I can imagine he's more the simple everyday type of person and Ueda, does Ueda even have furniture?

and that's a legit question


And this walk-in closet that Kame wanted.

It's pretty nice but I feel like Kame would need a bigger closet and if not bigger, then it would be cluttered (though neatly) just so he can fit everything.

I joked on twitter that Ueda's entire laundry probably fits in his laundry basket lol

He's so precious <3

Then this clip right here! KAT-TUN really is KAT-TUN = individuality.

Isn't this amazing? Are they just amazing?! And they probabaly don't know it.

I tell you, these three;

I've got strong feelings for them <3
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