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See a tengu on a bus

Something about them bullying Tengu makes me happy lol

Well, needless to say, this was my favourite bit of this 2019.02.15 Tame Tabi episode ^^

I tend to like the strange people... the way I also liked Jaguar ><

And I actually felt this slap haha The poor man is going to go bald sooner or later if this becomes a thing.

But watching Nakamaru in this bit here had me laughing hard too:

It's like, I'm not the only one who enjoys seeing Tengu being bullied--- I mean, Nakamaru isn't even trying to hide his excitement lol

Eventually they forced their way into his home and just look at Ueda sliding doors open and looking like his trespassing isn't enough XD

It was nice seeing all 3 of them really interested in this talk... boys will really be boys when it comes to these things.

Ueda was immediately interested when the guy said he's with the coastguard. But this bit here really had me curious because they cut a chunk out of talk saying it couldn't be broadcasted but cutting back to the video and KUN were laughing lol

I really want to know!

And this fail game...

Like, I seriously have a hard time understanding the humour Japanese have. I felt relieved with KUN found it just as lame as I did... I mean, just look at their reaction lol

Producer Tamura will be in this week's ep and it's always fun when she's around... I love Tame Tabi more when the core staff are involved... it will be fun to see TnK, Kame and Nakamaru tease her about behaving like she's Ueda's girlfriend lol
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