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Move in together, already!

Perhaps the best feeling in the world is watching their happy faces :)

Another house hunting episode. By the time they made it to the last house, I think they'd gotten a good hang of how the housing market works.

But as usual, rather than the house hunting, I was more in tuned with the way they interacted with each other 😋

They even get cold together lol

I mean, snow was visible in the mountains plus, the moment Kame and Ueda also showed signs of being cold (Nakamaru always looks like he's cold lol), I knew it must've been freezing but they carried on~

They even got their usual teasing in lol

and this one too~

Poor Tengu 😂

Kame training Ueda well on how to be a perv 😋

And watching KT eat~

Why do I find this relaxing doing? 😅

Kame: the turtle who eats like a rabit lol


I can never guess from his reactions but somehow~

I can't stop watching him eat lol plus I doubt the food was as hot as he's making it seem!

Then Ueda:

This is the second time I've seen him near choking on his food lol TnK and Kame didn't lie when they said Ueda eats really fast.

And of course, Nakame was everywhere!

The culture is Nakamaru taking care of Ueda... serving him or paying for him while Kame takes care of Nakamaru ^^

plus I love how Ueda is just standing by the side watching them haha


I only bitch slap people like this when they're my close friends. That's normally how it goes, right? So I find it really nice seeing them interact without restraint.

I really do feel like over these past 2 years, KAT-TUN have deeply missed each other and through that, have become close XD

And I can't finish this post without adding this: his tongue

Will I ever stop being a Kame whore?

I doubt it!

The preview for the next ep looks interesting - looks like something similar to their train episodes done not so long ago.

What do you guys feel seeing KAT-TUN go house shopping?
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