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A recap story

Last week's episode (2019.01.18) was also a recap but still an enjoyable watch. I actually wish I could embed vidoes in posts without the post looking messy... as in, I wish I could directly upload it to LJ... or is there a way that I don't know about?

Kame had mentioned this last episode as well ~ that time they went Okinawa and took a dive off the bridge... he felt it made their bond stronger and even Nakamaru, though he was afriad, in the end he was happy he did it.

I'm going to drop all 4 here:


Took the plunge first. I'm sure he wanted to just look cool but I also think it's because he was also scared~ and so he jumped first to get it over with XD


Picking up from the Kame heat, Ueda jumped almost immediately... and even mid-air you can tell it's Ueda based on his body language lol

And then the man of the hour:


He really almost took an hour lol~ kidding. But he did so well... it takes a lot of guts jumping from such a height, regardless it being into the ocean so *claps*

and I said 4 because how could I leave out TnK?

TnK can't decided if he's their father or big brother but either way, it works lol

And of course this final piece from the original episode~2018.09.21

My Baywatch KT ;) Not included in this 01/18 episode but I can't resist posting it ^^

And then some bullying in Taiwan:

LOL did you think it would be Ueda doing the bullying? Well, that's the usual route but this! It's the way Kame almost suddenly pushed Nakamaru over... like he just suddenly had a mean streak 😂😅

And what would this world be without their smiles?

This moment was funny... they're always teasing Tamura and she's so smitten with Ueda lol. Funny how the two showrunners (Tamura and TnK) are smitten with him... which is cute since he would normally come off as scary but even the cameraman a few eps back was really into him XD

And do allow me to insert some cute Nakamaru.

I swear, he has the best reactions when eating lol

And this one right here makes really happy~ 'This year too, we're in your care'.

I know many people are getting worried about the lack of releases or any big news--- thinking KT are in trouble again and you know what?

It's very possible that's the case but no use worrying about it. Besides, if KT were really in trouble, I hate to believe they would still give us this much hope.

                      ♪Keep the faith
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