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9 months of Tame Tabi ~

Well last week's ep (2019.01.11) was more or less a review ep with KT's reaction to themselves~ talk about narcissism lol kidding

So yeah, that's why I actually thought I'd already made this post a few days ago.

So yeah, not many gifs since that would be repeating what's already posted but here are a few missed moments I picked up on:

I think this is from the 2nd ep when they were in Taiwan and I really did miss Kame looking off in the back smirking at whatever and Ueda just wetting his lips impatiently waiting for Nakamaru's suffering to begin lol

But you know what?

Even back then when the ep aired, I was thinking that I would really love to try this 'stinky' tofu lol .

I bet it tastes really delicious!

And this scene during Ueda's tsukkomi episode haha

I just found it funny how hard Nakamaru was laughing at him. You don't see this very often and what's also funny is Kame trying with all his might to hold in his laughter lol I always get the feeling that Kame and Ueda have this careful step around them... it's strange but I wouldn't call it bad but Kame x Ueda interact differently to how Kame x Nakamaru and Ueda x Nakamaru behave around each other... or is that just me?

If my memory serves me correct, I think Nakamaru had won this round of 'Ikemen Janken'... much to his surprise but I kept thinking only a full KAT-TUN and Ueda stand could get turned on with a fist to the face lol ~ but of course Nakamaru's play here was well done ;)

And Ueda's reaction here was funny... fans saying Ueda asking Tengu 'how long he's been waiting' is funny... or rather, they like it... Ueda thought them strange lol he really must've been wondering who are these strange 'fans' lol


because of course, KAT-TUN smiling together will always be my favourite thing!

It seems like this week is also another week of review and I look forward to seeing them together. I also look forward to laughing at all I'd missed previously XD

So, what as your favourite moment?
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