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Tame Tabi New Year Special and cracks!

They look like a perfect family to me... papa!Kame with papa!Nakamaru with their son, Ueda and his gf on a Sunday roadtrip lol <3

Okay, so the 2019.01.04 Tame Tabi New Year Special was funny as hell! Really exciting and nostalgic ^^

This post is gif heavy so I'll be saying even less than what I usually say XD

But let's start with~

Dark Lord Ueda lol

I really can't understand why he's wearing shades here... not only is he in water but he's in a cave surrounded by all this beauty. A few days ago I poked fun at him by comparing him to those dark lords who can't stand light or anything bright or beautiful... plus the way he's looking around him as if confused(?) automitically earns him that title lol

And this right here!

I title this gif, Lips: Tame Tabi version!

I mean, look good! can you blame me?

I think not :)

And then:


As expected,

Ueda jumped!

Kame also fearlessly jumped!

And then Nakamaru~

His fear of heights will never get old lol He was so excited to climb that he didn't even consider how he would've gotten down *chuckles*

It was cute how they kept cheering him on XD

And then the Ueshima kiss.


but also LOL.

Kame was really into it... it's now their personal greeting it seems.

I mean, just look at how he leaned his head to the side to welcome Ueshima's 'lips' lol

But Nakamaru wasn't so enthusiastic and really, that's nothing we didn't expect but still helluva funny!

So short! Can this even be called a kissed?

Ueda was also really swift but...

The way Ueda reached out his lips has me LOL-ing lol I mean why can Ueda be so awkward at times?... it's like, you know those situations where you tell yourself, 'do not trip DO NOT TRIP but then you end up tripping' haha

And then...

Kame, Kame and Nakame

Can we appreciate this Nakame touching moment?!

And Nakamaru actually reached out to Kame this time! This touch is soooo soft.

Nakame was always soft ^^

And this poor turtle right here... not Kame but the real turtle... I mean,

This was supposed to be a cute / iconic pic as in, Kame and 'kame' swimming underwater together but zoom in and it just looks like KAT-TUN chasing the poor turtle that's now fleeing for its life lol

Oooooh this moment here~

Since long ago, Kame and Nakamaru have always had this natural flow between them so this whispering in the ear plotting moment was really cute ;)

Evil KameDa lol

I actually loved how they teamed up against Ueshima.

Revenge for kissing them looks good lol
Ueda was really into it!

And the way Ueda laughs with his whole heart is one the cutest things to witness!
It's not a rare occurence but still, just can't stop watching this scene and heaving happiness  🥰

And then this scene....

TnK's favourite past time is teasing Ueda lol it was really funny when Ueda was actually surprised and I thought, 'oh maybe he really was scared of going inside the haunted house/haunted house/restaurant' lol

I actually want to see more this side of Ueda!

And another highlight...

Kyoko is really growing on me.

I just loved how she thanked Ueda for the opportunity to see him just walking up... and Ueda's inevitable blushing *screams and runs around in circles* soooo cute!

And look at this alien right here!  haha, this prank will never get old!

The glue really stuck to his face!

And at first I thought his face was oily but thinking about it now, it's Kame so of course he would've done a skin regimen before bed so all that gloss was probably skin products, right?

Well any case, he's still mighty beautiful after waking up *smiles non-stop while looking at this gif*

And this ending dance;

It was really good entertainment... Kame's time out, Nakamaru's 'wth is happening?' and Ueda's, 'I'm done with this shit' attitude lol


I really,

love KAT-TUN !
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