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foodies kat-tun in fukuoka part 2


So this post is mega late ~ but better late than never, a wise person once said so here goes~

The final episode of Tame Tabi for 2018: 2018.12.21 was one in which Kame played naughty, Nakamaru proving he can talk dirty and watching Ueda try his best not to laugh while Kame plays a prank on this poor camerman lol

When Kame reached for his bowl to serve him, I thought, "Wow, Kame is such a good host" but lol~  why does Kame have to be this cute?!

And I just love how he and Nakamaru are on the same rhythm... they've always had that same pacing about them and it's adorable XD

Kame is truly totally adorable in how he's covering his mouth lol

While Ueda:

lol you know those people who will watch you do wrong but won't stop you nor tell on you... they just silently watch? That's Ueda here lol. I thought he was really out of it for the first part of this episode... I also think he ate the least amount so maybe the food wasn't to his liking or something about his boxing training... or maybe he was just very mindful of the dice.

Then the unexpected happened:

Imagine Ueda and Nakamaru on the grill instead of Kame haha it was nice seeing them act like they know what they're doing. Their mood or rather, their appetite climbed a bit here. I guess it was the nice view plus who can refuse a rooftop barbeque?!

Plus, they could drink!

I found this bit quite amusing... for once again, chatty Kame is.... chatting haha but it's nothing U and N aren't used to... since long ago, they were always the two who would listen to Kame from start to end and that's just <3

And this scene here had me cracking up lol
The more Ueda refused this guy it's the more he's drawn to Ueda and I'm like, yeah, he's like a HYPHEN right there... the M in us all!

But that aside, just look how cute Ueda looks on his swing... the scenery of it like he got dumped and found himself swinging in the dark while wrapped in his misery lol. And to make matters worse, they didn't even take a good photo- which is why he got on the swing in the first place XD

And naughty Kame continued for whatever he said to TnK was something that couldn't be said on TV and not even Ueda or Nakamaru knows that lil secret lol

Just look at this shy smile !

And then Nakamaru!

I would give lots of cash to hear what he whispers into TnK's ear 😂I mean, even TnK was taken by surprised which means what he said was not only good but really unexpected and adfsjjfsasf!!!!

Really, these 3 adorable aliens are everything <3

And just because I can't get enough of Kame trying to stiffle his laughter---- and Ueda finally laughed lol

I love these three!
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