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foodies kat-tun in fukuoka

theyre_kattun commented on the 2018.10.12 ep how watching KAT-TUN eat also makes her hungry and agreed. The same goes for this Fukuoka ep. I've been to Fukuoka thrice already and although I know it's a food mecca, I can't say I've sampled the local treats... partly because I'm vegetarian... well pescatarian to be specific so in a way, that cancels out ramen for me... though, recently, I was taken to a ramen restaurant that uses fish stock for their base so I could eat that.

Tame Tabi 2018.12.14 episode was quite a treat.

Well, they had to bike longer than expected so time sort of caught up on them but it was still a treat watching KT ride down city streets with 'Unstoppable' playing in the background ^^

Let's go!

First, they sorta got lost ~

and Nakamaru wasn't happy lol

Since the Miyagi ep I've noticed that when Nakamaru is angry/not pleased about something, he remains very quiet 😂

Then when they finally got to the restaurant, he was dying from exhaustion haha

Kame and Ueda aren't even budging... they seem perfectly fine but then again, Nakamaru was never the outdoor person per se... but still, it was only riding a bicycle... not running yet... just look at him! yet he looks so fricking cute!

and this this one,

Kame clearly had the time of his life eating this boiled egg haha really, why does he have to be so extra?... looking into the camera then pushing out his tongue like that! he's a such a culprit when it comes to stealing people's heart ><

And Nakamaru did enjoy the ramen so much that he asked for a second serving of noodles... even after Ueda reminded them about the dice that came with the probablity of them eating a lot... so en route he's basically overstuffed with food haha

I really hope next week we'll see them getting that massage haha

We also found out something new!

Ueda doesn't like mentaiko (I don't either) but the fun part is Kame's initial reaction the moment Ueda mentions it and then how Nakamaru just kept looking at Ueda with disbelief... since he, Nakamaru loves mentaiko 😅😂

But I just think how nice it is that they still don't know everything about each other... it keeps things interesting seeing them surprised that they don't know something as basic as that about Ueda... but it also makes you wonder what else they don't know about each other.

oh this pat!

With his bad luck during the camping episodes, Nakamaru was a bit worried about how well he did this round in Fukuoka but he actually did good and when Kame gave him a pat that his throw wasn't bad... you can actually see how he relaxed a bit after that ;)

and then this cunning grandma right here 😅😂

This lady is so sly hahaha but I blame Kame too because he knew they be would be stopped but he likes to play naughty and play with people's heart... check out Nakamaru and Ueda just watching from the side 😂

and this!

I just want to point out Ueda's cherry lips... and I found it funny how he kept looking into the camera... I would call him vain but knowing how tech dunce he is, he probably just wanted to make sure the camera was still working XD

And here,

I was just thinking how pretty they are ^^

So what was your favourite moment?

If you're ever in Fukuoka, would you like to go around the city and try these places out?

I definitely would rent a bicycle and go on a KAT-TUN food route hun! Last year, I went food hunting with  crism79 and powwie in Nagoya--- to a miso katsu place KT went to and it was fun ^^
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