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K U N on a train: 2

well yeah 😅😂

2018.12.07 Tame Tabi

Let's break it down in battles: "Taopaipai"

Kame vs Nakamaru 😅😂

Ueda vs. Nakamaru ~ they were sitting too close to have a fierce battle lol

Because they couldn't do this!

Kame vs. Ueda 😅😂😅😂😅😂

LOL for some reason, Ueda and Nakamaru were very passionate going against Kame and Kame is always such a nerd for these silly things XD

Touko was back! and flipped Ueda's personality to a 180 degree haha

roro_ieda and I were saying that she definitely has a crush on Ueda since they first met for Kame's cookout and Ueda knows... since TnK purposely told Ueda she's there, like it wasn't already obvious lol

Well, this week's ep was more fun, I found... maybe because it had some weirdness lol~~~ like that Taopaipai game up top.

Ueda's and Nakamaru's reaction to these girls was hilarious... but seriously, why did they have to turn out exactly as how they sounded and looked? like airheads. ugh

Oh but this moment was hilarious!

Since last ep, I was wondering if they rented out an entire train carriage to fit in all the antics like this one,

OK, I'll confess, she grew on me. At first I found her not acting her age like she thinks she's a teenager... or overly, 'lady-like' but well, she's fun 😋

Well it seemed like they really did rent an entire carriage... look at the great great great grandpa looking in😂

and Tengu AGAIN!!! lol

Poor man... he's just around for food when needed and for comic relief... that's now established 😅😂

and this right here,

He's sooo cute!

And this!

Kame actually said, 'next year's tour'

.... I know it's nothing official but just the thought that he naturally thinks it's going to happen makes me all warm and excited inside XD

I really love how Tame Tabi shuffles things up ^^

So, who will do be doing the taopaipai game? I already told 20102205k to count me out 😅
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