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the way to a woman's heart is also through her belly

This post is super late. I didn't realise I haven't posted these until Touka showed up on the last ep but.... better late than never so here goes~

2018.10.12 Tame Tabi~~~~ though I like to call this ep, "the moment Ueda fell in love with Kame... or more accurately, the food Kame makes" lol

The saying, 'the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach' is so so sooo true for Ueda x Kame.

But Kame not only got Ueda... he also had Nakamaru salivating lol

Just look at him swallowing when they haven't even tasted the food as yet lol


He always takes such care and has a really high level of concentration when he's cooking.


He's also a comedian lol

A huge commedian with lots of extraness lol

But he's so fricking cute and sexy... like a whole package of everything yummy!

And because I just love these screencaps!

Yes, I know... just looking at this screencap you would think he's being serious but the gif up top says otherwise haha

And catch this sweet moment of him smiling at the praises being thrown at him <3


He's back to his extra antics lol

I loved loved loved this ep!!!!

And I really hope they'll do something like this again XD
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