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some wine and a camp

So we didn't get to see them all snuggled in a tent freaking Nakamaru out with horror stories but the 2018.11.23 Tame Tabi ep was nonetheless hilarious and fun to watch.

I still can't stop laughing haha

Well I didn't make a lot of gifs of this ep because I've been busy this entire week but I still wanted to post something XD

But things like Ueda's bowl high with rice had me laughing nonestop... his own is almost twice the amount of Kame's and Nakamaru's... and YET -

And YET, he was the first one to scape his plate clean lol I also love how Tengu just knows that Ueda is a big eater XD

And after getting food, their luck continued with kayaking.

After all their misfortune in part 1, I felt happy for them... and a little jealous! The place really looks quite and beautiful ^^

Though, I'm not sure about how comfortable they are... maybe it's camera handle haha

And now some screencaps! to make up for the few gifs!

For once they welcomed Tengu's help and was happy when the dice stopped on food XD But the timing was so perfect that I was left to wonder if they had it all set up ;)

and then this screencap!

Out of context, it's such a mystery so I had to also post it! and OMG they're so cute here ^^

and finally!!!!!

I love and love XD

The next episode seems more relaxing and interesting... as in weird people will be stopping by haha... AND! We'll see Ueda with his dark hair ^^

Plus RIDE ON TIME starts today!!!! HYPHENS will be having a happy Friday ^^
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