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TnK is a troll

Last Friday's Tame Tabi (2018.10.19) was different but just as hilarious. Apparently TnK wants to borrow 2million yen from KT which is why they're laughing in the gif up top 😅 Also, because Ueda said outloud what Kame and Nakamaru were thinking... TnK must be must be plain stupid 😂

So TnK took another approach, they should let him join the band on vocals so Kame was dying with laughter.

So Kame asked him why he wanted to join the band and Tnk replied, because he needs money LOL

It was sweet when Kame told him he can't think about becoming an entertainer just to get rich... he has to do it with the mindset of becoming popular XD <<<<< wise words!

In the end, TnK was just being his usual troll self lol

Basically, TnK called them in to first voice any concern they might've had since the programme's return and then they'd plan together from there.

The complaints were hilarious... but understandable.

:: TnK asking Nakamaru to beatbox but would stop him even before he starts... Maru said it makes him feel like an idiot since he's been doing it for 15 years. Kame also shared the sentiment when he had to wear the 'turtle' costume and that time he did this:

Honestly, before this 2015.05.29 Tame Tabi episode, I never once thought what happened to the mask... so in a way, it's like the secret behind the art is exposed... something like that, I guess.

:: Kame and Nakamaru think Ueda and TnK fight too much and it's not good for Ueda's image and also for children who watch 😂 well I love it. TnK said those banters make them seem like siblings. In a way, I can understand this... they really are close... they fight but also look out for each other... at war for half the time but also make each other happy for half the other time lol

Tnk is actually making Ueda laugh like this... maybe I've grown soft XD

:: They encounter too many snakes, especially Ueda.

:: Gourmet Tengu has the worst timing ever and it's funny how as soon as they said this, he entered lol His interaction with Kame was funny. Usually Ueda is the one who would do the rejection but this time Kame took over lol


:: Kame and TnK's baseball chats are too long (Ueda and Nakamaru's complaint) lol So they decided to try it out... a sorta mock chat😅

I couldn't stop laughing at Ueda and Nakamaru judging Kame - like they're ploting their time when to intervene and just look at Nakamaru, sitting all innocent but quietly beckoning Ueda to do something lol

And this one here nearly killed me... the way Ueda stopped them by tapping his finger against the table and Kame's reaction... how his face suddenly changed from excitement and Nakamaru's little giggle while rolling his pen like he's innocent lol


Tame Tabi is so much fun. And soon we'll get an episode of them going camping. With CAST already over, I'm really happy this programme is now weekly!

Are you guys keeping up with Tame Tabi? What do you think?

Let's talk and flail a bit XD
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