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Real Face 2 T R E N D E D Worldwide!!!!!!

I was LOL-ing how as soon as Kanjani finished their happy song, there KAT-TUN came on screen all cool and dark and lovely, I actually screencapped Tatsuya for this bit lol


But this was what had me sqealing!!!!


BUT OMG! I melted in a puddle at this!

The way Nakamaru looks for Kame and how Kame looks for Ueda... this is such a CHAIN effect... all this love, I love I love I love!


I'm in so much love my heart is about to explode!

and they actually trended worldwide!!!!!!! Can you believe this?!!!! They trended worldwide and it's all HAPPY NEWS... It's all goodness... I feel like KAT-TUN finally shook off their bad luck!
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