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04 September 2018 @ 10:35 pm
KAT-TUN LIVE 2018: CAST report  

Well, first of all,

no titleHAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY Nakamaru !no title

My last KAT-TUN post sorta brushed at my anger at not winning a ticket... I balloted FOUR times and still didn't hit and a part of me was about to give up since it's a pain in the ass (I think) buying electionic tickets online off those 3rd party sites... because well, my Japanese is still shit plus I didn't want to freak them out---- you'd be surprised at how frightened these people can get when dealing with foreigners... BUT as soon as I read reports of Ueda showing his nipples I decided to risk it and bought a ticket THRICE the normal ticket price.


I didn't realise just how much I'd missed KAT-TUN until I saw them on stage today.... that energy is why I completely stan <3

U: I'd fun. I love you 😋
N: I love you too 😘
K: Me too 😜

KAT-TUN is totally in love with HYPHENS ♥

KAT-TUN LIVE 2018: CAST @ Nippongaishi Hall (Nagoya 6pm) August 30th

There will be typos

Well continuing from buying the ticket... as soon as I made the payment online and the buyer contacted me I told them I'm a foreigner and VERY SOON after that she texted to say she only speaks Japanese lol I replied and told her it's OK, I can manage simple Japanese... she then told me my ticket is 1 of 4 and so it would be me, she, her husband and another buyer... she then asked my age and gender (mini interview lol) but this was after she reely told me her info and she was rather polite so I didn't feel bothered.

A few days later she messaged me to say her husband won a pass to that Premium Backstage Tour but the four of us had to go in at the same time and at first I was super excited but then realised that the backstage tour has nothing to do with the ticket and was linked to the CAST album... so the husband won that pass and so naturally only he could go... At first I was thinking if possible then why didn't he give her the pass to go since she must be a bigger fan of KT than he is but during the concert he was shouting after Kame and Ueda LOL... like he was waving and shouting like crazy louder than me or even the wife lol

But before that excitement, yeah - the ticket was a good buy, actually... not only did I meet someone who won a backstage tour pass, but the seller was a Kame fan and the other buyer was a Nakamaru fan (A big Nakamaru fan) AND the seat was great... it was ARENA... that was my second time in Arena and it was to the side next to where the moveable stages pass... I was sitting 7 seats from from those moving stages... I think it was during DON'T YOU EVER STOP that Kame did his extra moves and I swore I would've gotten some of his sweat on me lol (the hall was A LOT smaller than domes and arenas)... which is probably why the concert was so much fun.

When the concert started... as in when KT came on stage I was confused because I couldn't see them... then looked up and there they were like my THREE angels decending from the sky. I swear, that first 15mins had sooooo much energy I couldn't believe I was alive and actually witnessing all the energy.

For NEW GENESIS, I just completely blanked out like "FUCK I'm so GLAAAAD I bought this ticket" lol But it was really FIRE STORM that had the crowd going crazy and by then KT had gotten closer to the us and Ueda had soooo much energy in his waistline lol I was legit going crazy with Ueda on my left and Kame on my right... I'm not exaggerating when I say, this was me:

LOL I'm pretty sure I sinned over and over and over during that entire 2.5hrs concert but it's not just me. Like, I also find it great watching HYPHENS follow their ichiban... like not because Kame or Nakamaru was passing near them meant they gave them all their attention, no - people had their binocular out scooping out Ueda or Kame or Nakamaru all the way across the hall. And it was a good mix of this going on... even grown ass men had uchiwa waving lol - I can't tell if they're BIG fans or if they came with their wives or girlfriends but they were still happy to be in KAT-TUN's presence and back to my buyer's husband, these men were cheering just as loudly whenever a member passed by. I think this time, a lot more men attended the concert... I even saw two men alone... as in, I think they actually attended the concert together and the best part, one of them was dressed in a yukata and had his uchiwa in his UNION bag so I didn't get to see who's his ichiban.

And then we go onto the solos.

If you ask me who's my favourite, I might not be able to answer... soundwise, perhaps Nakamaru's is a lot catchy-er (from the album)... but performance... I love Ueda's... why? There was A LOT to look at... the snake (on screen) at the start and him entering by cutting it in two... then out he came with blood and licking the blood away.... but it's a scene with swords and guns and the background is like a factory... it's like, what was the concept? I'm not sure with all that backdrop but THE ENERGY in his dancing... like A LOT of energy... I think he likes such dancing...the fast pace rough grinding lol

Kame's performance was very much the complete opposite... creative dancing... they announced on the screen for everyone to turn off their penlights so all the attention... the light could be on him.... most people did see the message to shut their lights off... his dancing was beautiful... like a quiet sex on stage lol

Nakamaru was first to perform actually, and as usual, lots of dancing and use of laser lights. We all know Nakamaru is a good dancer and I always wonder why is it that KT dance so well-coordinated with other dancers but when it comes to them dancing together, it's always all over the place lol.

Okay, this is getting longer than I'd intended and I still feel as though I still haven't set anything worthwhile or sensible... so some stray observations;

  • Recently, Ueda's underwear has become a hot topic so I made it my duty to scope it out 😄 It was red and black. To think I saw his underswear AND his nipples at the same time... and he was sweating too so his clothes was stuck to him... I think it was during SWEET BIRTHDAY (I think) my brain didn't register much of anything then.

  • Oh I mentioned how much Kame sweated... like dripping sweat... standing right below the moving stage I was conflicted... as in, did I really want Kame's sweat on me? lol

  • During the MC, Nakamaru announced that he's now an uncle... his sister had a baby girl... then they started talking about the size of their family... Kame counted about 15 Kamenashi/s. I wasn't sure if he meant just his parent's nieces/nephews.

  • OH! During UNION I was concerned about how little Ueda took part in the MC... normally it was just Nakamarua and Kame but this time Ueda was right up there in the conversation with them... I feel these days Ueda is the one who maintains sanity when Nakamaru and Kame go off on a crazy tangent lol

  • KAT-TUN actually shook hands with some HYPHENS... at different points/different performances, first Nakamaru then Kame & then Ueda actually shook hands with some fans. NGK is A WHOLE LOT smaller than the domes and arenas so KAT-TUN were close to HYPHENS. I've never seen it before but as I mentioned up top, I think it's becuase the venue was smaller so we were closer... honestly, it was inevitable... they were that close plus the vibes was good and the crowd was mature... one girl got the honour of shaking both Kame's and Nakamaru's hand (lucky bastard... she was in stands but first row... stage level... and Ueda shook this girl's hand and she was so happy she started to jumpt in excitement then suddenly sat down like she couldn't believe it lol But what's really kool about this was that, I doubt Ueda or Kame or Nakamaru saw when the each other shaking hands so it's not like they were following each other... it just happened... so again, they connected with HYHPENS without knowing it.

  • Nakamaru had his KAT-TUN internet sale thingy - I can't remember the name but it's that corner where he tries to sell his concert goods so as usual, Kame was a businessman and Ueda was a gangster lol... they sale product was the plate... so Kame wanted something to put his jewellery in (I think) while Ueda wanted something to pour soy sauce in lol... but in the end, the plate was used to block a bullet that was aiming for Kame but Nakamaru instead took lol honestly... it was silly and now it's blurry lol

  • And then during Nakamaru's DJ session.. it was kool.. how they tried to make an original rhythm... Ueda was on the piano/keyboard while Nakamaru did his beatboxing and Kame just did odd jobs... random instruments like that yellow squeaky duck they always use.

  • During LIPS, Ueda was closer to me but I had to turn around and withness with my own eyes Kame doing the tsk with his lips *yum*

  • As usual, Kame is a master of stage performance and fan service... while on the moving stage, he made sure to look in all directions... he actually paid attention to all the areas around him. Nakamaru too to some degree but honestly I was giggling to myself thinking he was probably looking down at us and seeing nothing but potatoes LOL... and Ueda, as expected... tough love lol he woudn't look my way ugh. After the 3rd time I gave up expecting him to.

  • KAT-TUN's farewell messages were also so light and happy. It was such a contrast to the sadness that ended 10Ks and and UNION... they were smiling so much and my heart was so full... Ueda said he had A LOT OF FUN and that he loves HYPHENS and Nakamaru echoed this, saying he can hardly remember the first part of the concert because of how much fun he had and Kame also gave his thanks and as usual, he had to keep up the 'I love you too' pattern lol.

  • I feel like I have to repeat lol Seeing Ueda's nipples in real life at cons is a blessing y'all. I remember him passing on my left sweaty with his shirt slipping off while Kame was passing on my right with his sweaty sexy neck...it's a miracle my neck didn't break from continuously shifting from left to right😚

  • But I must say, while arena seats are great... as in you feel closer to the stage and very like will get confetti... I must say, my favourite seats have always been in the stands... like 1st stand because the view from above is ALWAYS AMAZING... like look at these pics... the first 1 is from CAST (arena and the second 1 is from UNION (stands).



See what I mean?

And then the 3 angels ascended back to heaven (I say heaven but the setup was more like a guarded fort) and as soon as they left the entire hall started shouted for an encore... it's such a beautiful rhythm to behold.

Then encore came and then came the part of the concert that always makes me proud and happy to be a HYPHEN... the part where we all hands and it's here that I think KAT-TUN really got some new fans or people who have never been to their concert before because some people were confused about holding hands lol I heard people behind me explaining it... I think KT also picked up on it because kame said something but there was no problem... all hands were held and we all shouted,

WE ARE KAT-TUN as the confetti dropped from heaven.
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20102205k20102205k on September 4th, 2018 04:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks ^^^you got confetti ???
All of this for Ueda nipples :DDD

I still have the Union dome pic as my phone wallpaper ^^
I am so excited to go too will try to write a report ^^

kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on September 6th, 2018 11:42 am (UTC)
Ueda's nipples is worth pain, sacrifices and a war lol
but that's just the cherry on the cake of what KT delivered and yes, I got confetti XD
Katara Kame-chanhilly_katara on September 5th, 2018 12:57 am (UTC)
I'm crying with emotion!
You have transmitted your feelings ....
I was at a KAT-TUN concert in Nagoya Dome and Kame's concert "Follow me", I also felt the difference between seeing my love Kame in a huge stage and a small one ....
You made me feel those emotions of that moment ...
Thank you very much for sharing and congratulations for the purchase of the ticket ...
you were very fortunate, you met great fans, you met a Japanese who got his ticket to the Backstage and you were a few meters from our angeles !!!!
OMG it has been wonderful to read your experience!!!!!
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on September 6th, 2018 11:40 am (UTC)
It was really fun indeed and I was really lucky to have bought that ticket. The size of the venue definitely makes a huge difference. On one hand I wish all their venues could be this small but I fear how much more difficult it would be to get tickets ><

Truly, I'm happy you enjoyed reading my ramblings lol and to think I almost didn't write it because I thought I'd forgotten everything worth mentioning XD
Katara Kame-chanhilly_katara on September 8th, 2018 06:45 pm (UTC)
I am glad that you have decided to share your experience!!!!
I love everything you wrote even imagine Kame dancing so sexy, making tender gestures and throwing his sweat on my face ...
I would say him: "give me more...moreee"
I'm a pervert, but these guys pervert all their fans and to show a button their new intense songs from the album "CAST" <3
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on September 10th, 2018 08:18 am (UTC)
KT really are perverts. That's actually how I introduced them to someone the other day lol

After watching the last two singles PV I sent them, they seemed interested in knowing more so I hope they'll fall victim to KT like we did XD
Katara Kame-chanhilly_katara on September 10th, 2018 10:03 pm (UTC)
Well done!!!
I hope there is more Hyphens that supports our Kat-tun, our wild and perverted guys....
roro_ieda: maru perutroro_ieda on September 5th, 2018 05:48 am (UTC)
first of all...khskfghskabvksabvkacbvkabvjn

words are not enough to convey my feelings but everything that u've written....i just can't stop jfchskdfbvsfkbvkfsjdbvjl. lmao

the husband tho...he's rock!! XDDD
"like he was waving and shouting like crazy louder than me or even the wife lol" <----THIS, OMG, HE'S SUCH AN AWESOME FAN! sobss

"I think this time, a lot more men attended the concert... I even saw two men alone..." <---THIS TOO~ i think because of growing numbers of fanboys, maybe KT decided to have shirt in male size. fufufufu.

and...it's good to know that your neck is fine after the concert. lol


kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on September 6th, 2018 11:36 am (UTC)
lol THANK YOU! I'm really glad you could understand my ramblings haha but yeah, going cons is always a great experience... the things you see and the things you hear and the things you feel... very memorable and exciting.
And yes! now what you mention it, I'd forgotten about the men's t-shirt so I didn't even keep a look out to see if any of the men were wearing them ugh *I failed* If I make it to another one then I must remember to check! lol
crism79crism79 on September 23rd, 2018 07:04 pm (UTC)
As always I looooovvvveeee reading your con reports, because I totally understand the chaos of thought post concert lolol

Though this time I couldn't be there it's so good to read that the boys are keeping up the good work and killing hyphens lolol, in a good sense of course :P

And so so happy you got that ticket and that you managed to see the boys! After the crazy last months you deserved this fantastic treat :D
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on September 28th, 2018 09:15 am (UTC)
'chaos of thought post concert' is the perfect way to say it lol I also went to one in Yokohama but the brain is messier so I can't remember much of anything sensible lol just pieces.

Awww man, I really wish I could go again but I guess that's really impossible now... the prices for tickets on those online sites are ridiculous. I really don't know why buyers encourage that rip off behaviour ugh