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A Goldfish Story I

Title: A Goldfish Story I
Rating: twisted fluffy feelings;
Disclaimer: Story. Mine.
Summary: Even after sending that letter to Klaus, Caroline thinks that's not enough. What she really wants is to call him, meet him and properly comfort him, but she doesn't have the self-confidence to ease Klaus's pain. In the end, he calls her.
Words: 912

a/n Context: The Originals post-5x7


It's in the same way that his next letter came - in the postbox and then in the heap of mail on Caroline's desk.

'Thank you' was all it read.

No 'dearest Caroline'.

No 'Yours Klaus'.

Caroline sighed, furrowing her brows, once again checking both sides of the paper note.

She wished he would call her.

Wished he would give the official go ahead for her to comfort him.

Caroline, after being tossed aside and playing second best all her life... why should she believe that a man who has been on earth for over a thousand years and have seen the rise and fall of kingdoms and dynasties and who would've no doubt met and been with real queens and princesses see any beauty... anything special in her?

Why shouldn't she feel insecure when lesser men than Klaus have tossed her around?

When lesser men have broken her heart.

And have called her stupid.

Walked away from her.

Left her.

She really wanted to be by Klaus's side; to take his hands and rub his knuckles and caressed his palms she wanted to finally let Klaus know that she was there and ready for him.

But she had no right, she told herself.

She wanted him but now, especially now when chaos rocked his family, did he still want her?

Exactly where did she fit in?

Could she be of help?

Truly, she can play tough and unperturbed and show off tracking with a cell phone and GPS but when it came to Klaus, when it came to the value of herself, she had no self-confidence.

Sighing, she squinted when her phone rang - and her heart immediately did a jump and a series of hula hoop.

Even though it was her who clicked 'answer', she just held the phone to her ears, not sure how to greet - would a 'hello' suffice? How about, 'are you feeling better?'. Or perhaps, she'll wait on him to speak first.

But he said nothing and all she heard was his breathing and her heart clenched imagining the pain he must be in.

"I'll tell you a story", she eventually said.

His response was his audible breathing in the phone.

"There's this kid", Caroline started, "And he's in his backyard. And he's digging a hole. And the neighbour lady looks over the fence and says, 'What are you doing over there Little Johnny?' And the kid looks at her and says, 'well my gold fish died and so I'm having a funeral for it'. And then the neighbour says, 'Well that's an awfully big hole for a goldfish'. And little Johnny says, 'Well that's because he's inside your stupid cat'."

The phone line fell silent and Caroline held her breath until a low chuckled filtered over to her, "That's rather dark", Klaus replied, but his mood sounded lighter.

"Well it worked in the movie, A Lot Like Love", she replied.

"A lot like love huh?" Klaus repeats, "Is that what your letter was to me?"

And Caroline's heart did a double skip and a triple hula hoop. "Don't put words in my mouth".

"I didn't say anything", he answered, "So is it?" he asked again, "Love for me?"

Caroline really had no excuse, she'd always toted the truth and so truly wanted to answer, yes but she was forever stubborn and shy and disbelieving so she quietly replied, "And your family", swinging in her chair.

And after a long bit, Klaus replied, "Well, I'll take it. But don't make me jealous, anymore".

Caroline giggled, "Exactly what or who would you be jealous over?"

"You know", he replied and Caroline could hear the tease in his voice, "I want all your love, Caroline - all the gallons you have stored up for me over the years", he said, "You must know by now that collection day is near".

Caroline was still swinging around in her chair, her lips and her eyes radiant in smiling and twinkle and diamond-like they always do when Klaus was by her side. She then replied, "Maybe".

At that, the quietness mirth of Klaus's laughter settled like an orchestra in her ears and like a picnic on Sunday in her heart.

She really wanted to see him and comfort him with her own two hands.

"Caroline", he whispered, always saying her name in that same melody that same music that only he can sing when he calls her, "Caroline, truly, I thank you for everything. I'm still devastated over Hope's loss but your letter brought me back for a second time, you've saved me from losing my mind over my helplessness", he said, "Only you alone, Caroline... you truly are full of light. You blind my darkness".

And when Caroline listened, the jumping in her heart stopped, replaced by the voice in her head telling her to let free so she asked him, "So you need me?"

"I do".

And at that, Caroline held her breath to control her smile and the butterflies before she replied. "See you soon", the thoughts in her head running around confused but her heart was set and life was getting exciting the way her hopes and dreams have always intended.

Hours later, she again turned up in the French Quarter knocking on Klaus's door.

She heard things tumbling over, chairs screeching and hurried steps walking closer before the door opened and a very nervous voice and a relieved face said, "Come in, Love".

                                                                                                                  TO CHAP. 02


~ a goldfish story
klaus x caroline

Tags: fanfiction, pairing: klaroline (klaus x caroline), tv: the vampire diaries, tv; the originals

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