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It's been a while since I did a KAT-TUN PicSpam~

You know what?

Recently, I've been hanging around Twitter more because 1) LJ is dead *cries* but perhaps the bigger factor is 2) Klaroline (Klaus + Caroline from The Originalsa and The Vampire Diaries).

My obsession with Klaroline might seem sudden... or maybe not since I regularly post fics here but in all the almost 7 years I've been shipping them, it's the first time I've been 'active' in the fandom... I say active but it's really still just me by myself but fangirl-ing more LOL but yeah, the Klaroline storyline is a bit a weird with timelines and them being on different shows plus the series took a 2 year break PLUS, this season is the last so FINALLY after SEVEN real life years and 16 TV years, Klaus and Caroline might actually end up together... Klaroline and JunDa have always been and will ALWAYS be my OTPs.

So that explains why I've been MIA on LJ. But truth is, I love and miss this place. Everything goes missing on twitter and at times it feels like it's a bunch of crazy people talking to themselves...

And it's really addictive lol

Anyway, this post is really about Tame Tabi ! Already 3 eps in... well, 2 proper eps since the first one was really how they made the announcement at the UNION concert... but wow, Tatsuya, Nakamaru and Kame really have the loveliest chemistry. The 3 of them get along soooooo well, it just makes my heart full watching them interact and this is why I always say, KAT-TUN together is soooo much better than having them scattered on different projects.

Here are some screencaps from the 2018.06.01 episode;

Well first, let's appreciate Tatsuya's very moist and full lips and that bit of tongue pushing out

*breathes in and out*

Now, let's see KAT-TUN happily hold hands like they invented this lovely gesture.

And really, they're so used to touching.

And are like toddlers on a school trip trying not to lose each other XD

And the with the thuggish way Tatsuya dresses, you wouldn't expect this softness from him.... which makes this all the cuter XD

They're totally comfortable and relaxed so whoever suggested this... kudos to you XD

And then the Ikemen Janken was a brilliant game lol

Can this dude getting any cuter? Tatsuya is smart... he switched tactics from rough to cute just so he could win lol

And Kame was hilarious acting cool after near choking from that pepper chicken lol

And Nakamaru being totally surprised here... it's like, he couldn't believe that he actually won... I'm pretty sure he expected Kame to be the winner... I think everyone had expected Kame to have won so this moment was really sweet XD

And that's it!

I really hope that one day, they'll return to regular TV.

from; 2018.06.01 KAT-TUN Sekai Tame Tabi +

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