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Oh goodness! I need to stop rewatching these clips and laughing out louder and louder each time as if it's my first time watching! lol I tell yah, *happiness is real*

And I was so caught up with watching them that it wasn't until the live-chat ended and I later saw clips that I realised what they were talking about... or rather, all through their talking and antics, I heard nothing nor realised they were promoting the FC event, I was just happy watching them play silly. *__*

You guys, my heart is happy.

I've already watched these clips for the 914527789634158th time and still feel giddy with glee.

Just take a look!

Ueda killed me. He's just tooooo cute! I don't I can handle it. *sigh* I love this too bad.

And then Kame is just such a dork... so adorable and wow, yeah, I still love this man!

and Maru was just lol - I still feel Nakamaru has the best reaction to things, so cute and awkward! I just love <3

lol then this - when they finally got to business; Kame is trying his best to promote but Maru and Tatsuya are so distracting in the back with those faces lol I swear, it's a good thing they had the info written down because I doubt anyone could pay attention to what Kame was saying... Ooooh, and I love how Tatsuya pulled Kame into the video <3333

and this ending is soooo KAT-TUN! Kame still promoting, Nakamaru going on a tangent and Tatsuya is just ending the conversation on his own lol.

oh man, HYPHENS are living! Hopefully, I'll be able to watch the FC event on LINE this Thursday *fingers crossed*

If you haven't yet watched, here's a link to a download link
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