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16 January 2018 @ 08:35 pm
I love my salty YUICHI!  

Someone go find me Nakamaru so I can kiss his forehead and his nose and propose to him!!!


                 now, this is tea ☕️
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chiitakachie on January 16th, 2018 01:46 pm (UTC)
hell yeah.... all hail nakamaru~~~

feel bitter at first but then jiji already slapped that girl for us so everything end well(?) hahahahahaa....
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on January 16th, 2018 03:01 pm (UTC)
She really had nerve sending that letter in. It was all ok until she plainly put 'please disband'. UGH. I love Principal PenPen. <3
Housekinihousekini on January 16th, 2018 02:24 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised that the agency allowed to be published that comment... Usually everything is highly censored... (I refer to the girl's message)
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on January 16th, 2018 03:04 pm (UTC)
IKR! But thinking about it, it's probably their way of reassuring fans... esp others who are thinking like this girl. I'm more surprised someone actually sent in this... I would love to see Maru's initial reaction to the 'please disband' ugh. the nerve
Housekinihousekini on January 16th, 2018 04:38 pm (UTC)
Well, honestly after koki was kicked out I kinda stopped to follow actively the group (mostly because I didn't have the time and I didn't like the music they had them release) so yeah, I checked out them but didn't buy the released...
But I ended up getting the "Best Of" when Junno left and now they're back I'm thinking to get the new song (both for supporting the 3 babes and because I like the song).

I really loved how 6-members kat-tun sounded and I know they won't ever be back at that sound, so I kinda understand the disappointment of some fans, but seriously that comment was out of place... (and Yucchi reply made me grin)

Personally, I would have replied to those fans that if they're going to use the word quality they should listen to tons of classical music and metal music before to talk, but his reply is totally the best!

Salty, honest and clean!
Love it!
And yeah, I bet his face was a masterpiece!
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on January 17th, 2018 12:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah definitely. Each time a member leaves, KT's sound changes. I wasn't around for 6nin but when Koki left, the sound did change and now with Junno gone, another change awaits up... but I like how KT still sticks to their core - they'll still have that edge that makes you nod and go 'that's the KT I love and know' - PHOENIX, TRAGEDY and UNLOCK are good songs after...

though to be honest, KT's music has always been a hit or miss with me... I just really like the personalities...as you say, "Salty, honest and clean!".


Housekinihousekini on January 17th, 2018 06:36 pm (UTC)
Agree... Also with the "personality" thing...
The past year I had moments when I was like "WTF I MISS SO MUCH KT!!"

Hopefully they will have still a long life as a group.

BTW do you have any idea about how can I purchase Uepi's digital single?
I made already some try but it's out of my understandings.
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on January 18th, 2018 01:12 pm (UTC)
oh goodness. purchasing that single gave me grey hair but maybe I'm just dumb ><"

I used Recochoku.
You'll need to download the app and set up and account.

There are 2 others that you can try. Just use the one more comfy for you but they're in Japanese.


Good luck!

roro_iedaroro_ieda on January 16th, 2018 02:31 pm (UTC)
i'm shoookt at first when reading the question and i'm ALL HAIL TO NAKAMARU when reading the answer. lmao

i'm really glad he picked that question tho even though it's quite sensitive topic (for me)? but really....i'm really glad he picked that question to be published.

SAVAGE NAKAMARU is on track~ /applause/
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on January 16th, 2018 03:14 pm (UTC)
Savage indeed lol
I guess they chose to publish it for the record, that KT isn't going any where.
Also, it's one thing to feel unease in fandom - we all do at one point for a greater part of the hiatus but to be blatantly telling the members to disband is rude... and insensitive

though now I wonder how she's feeling reading this ><"
crism79: KAT-TUN Maru profilecrism79 on January 16th, 2018 07:34 pm (UTC)
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on January 17th, 2018 12:04 pm (UTC)
I always enjoyed his subtle feistiness XD
crism79: KAT-TUN Maru profilecrism79 on January 17th, 2018 01:40 pm (UTC)
A classy good reply, for such a rude post.

As expected from Nakamaru ^^ Sending him a huge virtual bear hug!
20102205k20102205k on January 16th, 2018 08:10 pm (UTC)
Heyyyy Perfect answer ^^ it was all over my twitter too
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on January 17th, 2018 12:02 pm (UTC)
hehe I love how fandom seems happy and alive these days XD
abjcabjc on January 17th, 2018 04:16 pm (UTC)
When I read it my jaw dropped, I was gaping at the tweet thinking "Maru, you're so amazingly great in my eyes now!"
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on January 18th, 2018 01:06 pm (UTC)
lol I can almost clearly imagine his expression while reading and while responding hehehe
Eien no Kazuya: pic#127786891siennaphan on January 19th, 2018 08:45 am (UTC)
Cheers Biatch Nakamaru!!!
I love the giri giri way...
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on January 20th, 2018 02:58 pm (UTC)
He really didn't hold back in his reply and I'm glad he did.
What a selfish and rude fan ugh