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Tanoshii Moments

I don't know which is better; seeing the KAT-TUN flying across the screen behind them or seeing the map of the world lit up behind him... because that's how it really was. Them coming back, lit up the whole world *fact*

So wild and beautiful: Tatsuya with his ash hair teasing with his tongue, Kame in the back being his usual extra self... also extra clothes lol and Nakamaru, the ever proper... Idk how he managed to work that outfit with a tie XD lol

Tatsuya like, "Told you we'd be back, suckers. Now pay up". While Kame is there singing his heart out probably thinking, "I need to come up with new ways of sexy to kill everyone".... and Nakamaru is just standing there, probably trying to let it sink in that, "Finally, we're back".

But really,

             imagine thinking we were more excited than Kame, Nakamaru and Tatsuya at that moment... they might have been the happiest of us all.

Knowing for weeks, months and preparing, they must have been far more excited, happy and impatient to tell us that they were coming back to strip for us.

Johnnys Countdown 2017-2018
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