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charge complete
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GOSH! It felt so great removing/updating my 'pin post' for KAT-TUN's return from May 08, 2018 to January 01, 2018!!!!!!!

It really hasn't sunken in yet! Maybe it's because I was away on holidays during all the excitement and couldn't properly flail but every time I remember, I find myself grinning like a fool... I just start to smile thinking about all the KAT-TUN goodness we'll soon get.

*phew* What a journey we've been through!

What a way to start the new year!!!

When their return was announced I got messages on my whatsapp, LINE and LJ inbox from fandom pals and that too had me grinning and my heart happy and bouncing because SHIT! I've missed that feeling of excitement... waking up to news, or getting news in the middle of a harsh work or school day, keeping each other in the loop, flailing like uncontrollable possessed freaks lol, already planning to give away all our money for concerts and music releases - all of a sudden, life has once again found its way into the KAT-TUN fandom... HYPHENS are awake again... people are coming back, there's more content everywhere and THIS! This is what I LOVE and missed about fandom.

Congrats to us!

                   and Welcome back!

We are KAT-TUN!!!
Tags: fangirl-ing, kat-tun, kat-tun forever lol, squealing like a fool, we are kat-tun

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