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Nakamaru Tanoshii Jikan 2

As soon as Nakamaru came on stage three things suddenly came to mind:

  1. Wow, I haven’t seen this guy since 10Ks

  2. Wow, it’s my first time being at a Nakamaru butai

  3. Oh shit. I miss them.

Nakamaru-kun no Tanoshii Jikan 2 @ Osaka November 25, 2017.

Light! Camera! Action!

When Nakamaru first announced this concept, I’ll be honest and say, I was very sceptical. It sounded like it wasn’t a concert but also wasn’t a complete stage play either and it sounded like many things would happen that I wouldn’t understand. I did however, still apply for FC tickets but surprisingly I didn’t hit. Also surprisingly, I wasn’t so cut up about not hitting because as I said, I was very sceptical about what I was walking into, fearing my level of Japanese wouldn’t be able to keep up. Anyhow, after the first few shows in Tokyo, the feedback from TV and fans got me excited… so, intrigued and curious, I bought a ticket and along with a friend we went to Osaka – the last show.

Oh man, where to start?!

Well, let’s just say, Nakamaru is a genius. His concept and execution were flawless and all throughout I kept wondering, ‘wow, how the hell did he think this up? How long did it take him to practice each piece? Was he always thinking of doing something like this or did he just go with the flow? For something of this caliber, why did it cost less than other Johnnys’ shows?

As soon as the lights went out and he came on stage, the two girls in front of me could hardly contain themselves. And all throughout the programme, it was clear that they were not just KAT-TUN fans but also Nakamaru’s fans – and by the time he gave his closing speech, they were crying.

However, with the way the games and each segment were set up, one really doesn’t need to be a Nakamaru fan to have fun. The only requirement was having some knowledge about popular pop culture personalities and being able to read some kanji that went along with his beatbox and some impersonation he did… and of course, knowing the members of KT---- I really love how him and Kame were sure to include KT somehow in their solo shows.

He came out on stage beatboxing, something similar to what he did for 10Ks (THANKS). He also beatbox to REAL FACE, and I swear, I’m still amazed how perfectly he did it… hitting every note and being that it was done karaoke style, the audience could follow on the screen each time the rhythm changed.

And if that’s not brilliant enough, he did a ‘one man live’ – basically he created a mini-stage on his make-shift stove and ‘performed’ Unlock ---- but the brilliance is how he did it. It was so relatable. First he started by coming home and is about to cook. So like many people who play music while cooking, he decided to play UNLOCK----- but also, like many people who while listening to their favourite music, they would recreate the dance and sing and perform like their artist/s---- this was Nakamaru – like he’s ‘us’ fans---- to be honest, it’s better seen than read about or explained but he recreated the smoke screen, the water shoots, the fire explosions, Kame’s wink (while wearing shades and coming up close to the camera) and the click teeth--- ugh, I am starting to get frustrated because I really can’t explain the brilliance of this performance but while I watched, I remember thinking how I wish I could’ve seen it again and that he had made me miss KT even more.

I also started thinking that all his weird activities on SHUICHI also helped him to craft his skills with his little magic moments and time sequence moments---- like that segment on MAJISUKA in which he had to match up his time/movements with seemingly random happenings.

After the (maybe first or second encore), he did a brief explanation of how things work then he got a little sad/disappointed lol because people didn’t fully connect things he’d done throughout the evening to that UNLOCK performance. I personally think people did make the connection but being Japanese they were being modest and pretended to be surprised but I guess it backfired lol

Other happenings: ☆♬

He interacted with the audience: He had a question and answer segment – well he only asked 3 questions to 3 different people (chosen at random). It was fun watching the ladies’ reaction when suddenly put on the spot. I can only remember the first question because Nakamaru wouldn’t shut up about his love for video games lol

Hyphens are perverts – Nakamaru is also a pervert: not that this is anything new. When he’d changed into a somewhat tight suit, he deliberately showed his ass to the audience bending over and shit and each time he did, folks just started screaming lol

He had on a really super gold pyjamas lol. Really gold… and silky. And it had his entire body excited with how he was twisting his body imitating various popular people and things.

No intermission: Can you believe it? We’re talking about a maybe 1hr. 40mins of performance with him alone on stage (no MC) just constant performance of acting, dancing, random games --- all this and no break. I kept wondering if he wasn’t tired or in need of a breather or a chance to refresh the lines~ but he continued straight on until the very end. The man is brilliant I tell you.

Solo song: He wrote and performed a theme song for the butai titled “The Way” (or My Way?). A sort of ballad. I was wondering if he would’ve performed it at Best Artist~ but he clearly didn’t.

4 encores… or rather called back to the stage: I always love how HYPHENS never want to leave these events. After the customary first 'encore'/ final stage greeting, he was called out… three or four more times. He eventually ran out of things to talk about. Haha it was cute watching him fidget.

Standing ovation: Finally! My boy was happy XD I think he waited all afternoon for this single moment ^^

He introduced his mascot... or rather the costume. Actually, he wore it on stage and folks seemed quite happy. 

Nakamaru is obsessed with bananas lol 

KAT-TUN is really coming back guys! I'll trust in their promise. And I can’t wait to see Nakamaru on stage again ☆♬
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