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Taguchi Junnosuke will act alongside Nishikido Ryo in “Inu wo kau to iukoto”

As posted here earlier, Nishikido Ryo will star in the drama "Inu wo Kau to iukoto".  and now it has been revealed that Taguchi Junnosuke will make an appearance on the same upcoming drama, “Inu wo Kau to iukoto ~Sky to Wagaya no 180 nichi~“ as recently unveiled on the drama’s official website.

Taguchi, will play Horita Katsuhiko, a doctor and classmate of the main character’s (Ryo) wife (played by Mizukawa Asami).

The last time he and Nishikido acted alongside one another was in the 2005 drama “Ganbatte Ikimashoi“, while Taguchi himself has not had a recurring role in a drama series since “Yukan Club” four years ago.

“Inu wo Kau to iukoto” will air on Friday nights starting in April.

source: JNews1
credit: bazinga.tokyohive

Yokatta desu ne... I was a bit worried as to what solo activity he would be doing,So I'm very happy he'll be in a drama... I look forward to it... Gambatte ne Taguchi-kun!!!!

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