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Follow Me <3

follow me1

If I could be an inanimate object on that Follow Me stage, then my definite first choice would be the camera at the front... the place of so many Kame kisses and cute faces and funny faces and the closest point where he rolled his ass the most - from where I was sitting, that place seemed like heaven adorned with cotton candies.

KAT-TUN Kamenashi Kazuya: The 一 ~Follow me at Nagoya Sept. 06, 2017 @6pm

You know, I had decided to be responsible and exercise some amount of self control... as in, I would stay satisified with the memory of the concerts I'd already been to in Sapporo and Osaka~ but then.... they posted those news clips, the same ones I posted here and so after rewatching them, the next thing I knew, I was paying for another ticket to see Kame again in Nagoya.

I'm not going to talk about the songs again. Just stray observations;

Well first, one reason why I like to go multiple times to concerts and stageplays is because, depending on your location, your experience changes. The first two concerts had me on ground floor, row 10... the seat location almost identical. This time, I was first floor, 9th row so the view was different.

Though, for sure, even though I was further away from Kame, I could at least better appreciate the stage set up... sometimes, the broader picture looks better from afar (look at me getting all philosophical here when I'm about to go all madam pervert *laughs). Anyhow, even the lighting looked prettier. Not just colourful but a nice mystical sorta hue.

I also realised that with Kame wearing black and the background dancers also wearing black, even though Kame's clothes had different designs, sometimes I lost him. At the earlier shows, I was so near that he was always there in front of me that I hardly even took notice of the back dancers... but being a bit back this time, at times, I kept having to find the person in the centre to pin him. It didn't help that Kame is also tiny lol I swear, the biggest part (well the biggest visible part) on that man's body are his arm muscles.

But not just the stage or Kame, I could also better see the crowd. I spotted what seemed a man in the front row but I wasn't too sure... but behold, as soon as Kame finished his first set of songs, he went and talked to the same person I'd spotted and indeed, it was a guy. I just really love seeing guys at these concerts. Not only that. He was there with his mother (I didn't get if she invited him or he invited her) but either way it was sooooo cute seeing him waving his big-ass kissy lips penlight lol

Okay, other stray observations;

- Well the first thing I noticed was that Kame had this hoarse sexy voice... I guess that's from all the previous shows plus the earlier shows he had. So sexy. swoon. Got me excited from the very start!

- I swear, every time, 1582 almost seems to literally take everyone's breath away. It's like everyone would be waving their penlight at the start, until you look away awhile after and you just see everyone just looking, watching intently, completely mesmorised by the performance... and how elegantly sexy a man in black undershorts and high socks looks with a pretty Kimono (sorta) thrown over him.

- Nagoya - Ten no Koe also did interviews at Nagoya. He interviewed a pair of girls about what they think about Kame and one brought up him having 'complex', though they couldn't pinpoint what it was. lol. I think I read once where he said it was his eyes - one is bigger than the other. That's why he always covers one with his hair. Kame thanked Ten no Koe again and talks hopeful about KAT-TUN doing Tame Tabi again in the future.

- I should've written this at the start but I just really love how the audience just started chanting "Kazuya" as soon as Ueda and Nakamaru finished the announcement. They did the same thing at Sapporo - it's like they know any time now Kazuya would be coming out to slay XD

- Kame is one sexy bitch and he knows it. Every time he does 'Follow Me' I keep wondering 'just suppose his pants rips while he's going on with all his grinding antics?' lol Oh man~ forgive me, but I want to watch some Kame porn. It's the only after image that comes to mind after that performance. From the intro video leading into the performance and the very clothes he performed in, Kame was clear that this song was very grown-up and very much rated explicit.... so I can definitely ask for my porn video... just him and the bed. I also kept wondering what the guy in the front that I mentioned earlier was thinking lol... I can probably make a wild guess.

- Again, Kame was bitching about people just standing still even during the rock segment lol he kept asking if they're not having fun lol Though, I feel like towards the end of the concert, people let loose and became a bit wild...

- Encore - or rather, the song-less encore after the encore. I just loved how while some random lady was announcing the end of the concert and telling people to leave, the audience just kept calling 'Kazuya'. I always love this moment at concerts. It's like it's all over but people still have all this energy and don't want things to end. After a while, Kame came back on stage but he didn't have a microphone so he was just talking really loudly. Then people started telling him to use a microphone but he said there was none lol - he's smart, because having a microphone would've kept him out there longer. Anyhow, in the end, he actually said "It's really over this time, because Kazuya is tired". XD <3 Understandable. All I did was swoon and drool and as soon as I got home I crashed lol

Anyhow, all that time while people called for Kame, I just kept thinking, "I hope you know just how much you and KAT-TUN are loved".

I'm sure they're typos. My apology.
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